About Us

About Us


In an unprecedented move, four international detailers from different countries started out on a journey to develop a coating technology, one that will represent the interest of the detailing and protection industry.

MAYVINCI has embarked on a mission to change the status quo, and it is an expedition that has positioned our company with some of the best and talented minds across the globe.

We sincerely believe it takes a unique set of skills and experience that sets us apart from others in the detailing industry.

MAYVINCI’s quest for excellence has attracted interest from billion-dollar enterprises that is sure to spread the MAYVINCI brand globally.

With an extensive investment, input from outstanding engineers, and top of the line materials, MAYVINCI strives to provide a unique product that promises to shape the future of the detailing industry.

With testimony from industry experts, the volume of elite customers that are switching from their existing suppliers to the MAYVINCI brand bespeaks the exceptional quality our company provides—a testament that the MAYVINCI brand has raised the bar.

The MAYVINCI motto simply put: engineer a product with exceptional results.

MAYVINCI offers the ultimate protection for automobiles, motorcycle, yachts and jets.



Our goal is for you is to leave you with a “Wow!” experience every time you contact MAYVINCI customer support.

Your first contact with customer support will be with a technician trained to address and resolve your issues promptly.


We aim to incorporate inspiration, guidance, and motivation towards people with our products while contributing to a way of life.


The Detailing world! You inspire us. We get goosebumps when we see professionals pursuing their dreams and passion as they seek perfection in their work.

We are creating a community of professionals that know that their interests and their client’s interest are our overreaching goal. It is through this simple yet powerful catalyst that inspires MAYVINCI to emerge in the protection industry.


Our passion stems from our work. While we are passionate about our customers, we apply that same level of energy about our products as well. We are here for your benefit. This drives what we do and how we behave.

Loved by detailers all over the world

loved by detailers

We make things happen!  We believe Mayvinci with a capital “M” is causing a sea of change in the detailing industry.

We’re not just a detailing company. We’re not just a coating firm.  We’re a team of product designers who cares about our industry.

Why Choose Mayvinci

MAYVINCI cares about the industry and our employees dedicate several hours to providing quality service. We are determined to change the dynamics that influences customised automobile detailing.