Is Ceramic Coating Expensive?

A ceramic coating is a layer of paint protection applied to the exterior of a vehicle. A good quality ceramic coating will help to prevent harm to your paintwork from bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, and other contaminants. But do ceramic coatings cost much money? What is the process of application? Let's find out the answers to these questions with Mayvinci in Los Angeles, CA!

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Ceramic Coating?

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Ceramic Coating?

The cost of ceramic coating depends on many factors.

Vehicle Size

Car ceramic coating application may be time consuming. The larger the vehicle, the more people and time are required to finish it. Therefore, the price mainly relies on the size of your car.


The specialists require less work to maintain a vehicle in excellent condition as opposed to a vehicle with lots of damage. First, the specialists will thoroughly clean your car’s surface because each particle of dirt and dust might be an issue for a seal. Additionally, they must remove insect leftovers from the paint. These services will be included in the price of the ceramic coating.


One to three layers of the ceramic coating are required for application. However, remember that additional layers will extend the life of your vehicle. The more layers they apply, the more you will be charged.

How To Apply Ceramic Coating On The Car's Paint?

The ceramic coating application process consists of multiple stages applied to the car's paint.

Prep work

We should use the two bucket wash technique, wash and rinse your car to remove dirt and grime from the paint surface. We should adequately clean our automobiles from top to bottom, wheels to windows.

Clay Bar

The surface has been cleansed of filth and grime. We must eliminate obstinate impurities using a clay bar or speed clay product. Break out a sizeable clay and knead it into a smooth, level working area.

Paint Correction

Now that the surface has been thoroughly cleansed of dirt, filth, and pollutants, we can examine scuffs, swirls, and fading paint. We want to smooth the paint's surface so that the ceramic coating may adhere to it and provide a glass like sheen. Using rubbing compounds, scratch removers, or a good polish, work the paint until you get the desired finish.

Surface Condition

Using Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean microfiber towel, wipe each piece to ensure the surface is devoid of polish, waxes, oils, and other impurities. This guarantees that the ceramic coating adheres without trouble to the surface.


Ensure that the panel is spotless and icy to the touch. Spray the ceramic coating in small amounts over the surface. Using a soft, clean microfiber cloth or applicator, apply the product evenly throughout the surface until it disappears. The ceramic coating takes around ten minutes to attach to the surface.

Wipe Down

Using a different microfiber towel, rub the surface until it is spotless and transparent. To guarantee an evenly cleaned surface, avoid using a soaked cloth or towel. Additional layers may be added for enhanced durability, protection, and depth. Allow 24 hours between layers to properly apply the ceramic coating. The more layers that are applied, the greater the protection and durability of the ceramic coating.

How Many Layers Of Ceramic Coating Can Be Applied?

How To Apply Ceramic Coating On The Car's Paint?

Two to three layers of primer, base, and clear are applied. When applying ceramic to a vehicle's paint, two to three layers of semi permanent protection are added. The ceramic coating layer requires frequent maintenance to preserve its full functionality.

How Many Stages Of Ceramic Coating Curing Time Are There?

There are three steps to the curing of the coating:

  • Approximately two hours are required for the first curing of the coating's outer layer. After this period, the surface is prepared to be covered with a topper.
  • The base coating must dry for twenty four hours before in order to reach its potential.
  • We recommend avoiding chemical vehicle washes for seven days after the application of the primer.

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