Professional Detailing course

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Professional Detailing course.

The auto detailing industry continues to grow at a rapid state and it presents great financial reward. We offer a three-day workshop, sales and marketing training to assist you in getting your business off the ground.

Mayvinci’s professional course has training portfolios in England, Brazil, Norway, Dubai, and Qatar. Developed by Rupes and entrusted to King an entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge and He was entrusted by the industry Giant RUPES to develop a global franchise program ‘ Bigfoot Detailing Centres and the Centres continue to see growth in United kingdom, Scotland, Netherlands, Italy, France, Taiwan, South Africa, Japan Spain and many more countries.

Our 3 days training class will prepare you with practical skills, knowledge client acquisition, retention, sales analysis, and industry trends. This will prepare to as you embark on your journey to becoming a master detailer and a successful business man/ woman..

  • Introduction to detailing and its market.
  • Introduction to Polishing – RUPES Bigfoot System.
  • The right methodology in car wash to avoid and minimize scratches.
  • Surface preparation (Decontamination, foreign bodies removal i.e grits, sand and minor particles).
  • Securing and protecting all delicate parts before commencing.
  • Intense visual analysis of surface using the right lightning system.
  • Understanding different level of scratches, from light to medium, heavy and sanding marks from inadequate factory preparation.
  • Microns of paint and lacquer checking system (paint management).
  • Product knowledge, for windows, plastics, trims, dashboards, rubber, tire sidewalls, wheels etc.
  • Edgework
  • Heat and chemical reaction.
  • Understanding abrasives, different kinds of polishing compounds.
  • Choosing the right pad and polish combination for the job.
  • Benefits and care of pads, how to clean, why clean and prolonging the life span.
  • Standard applicable to the working area.
  • Time and product management, Product usage and dispensing, this is a very crucial stage this involves the economics, time, and the finished service.
  • How to use the polishing machine, cord placement, Jewelling, how the various speed works
  • How to paint correct using the polishing machine.
  • How to enhance using the polishing machine.
  • Microfiber towels usage, getting rid of polish residue without scratching the surface.
  • Preparing the surface before application of protection (coating).
  • Understanding the functions of coating, wax, and polymers.
  • Teaching the application and bonding of coating.
  • Certification of the trainees.
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