Body Armor (Self Healing)

MAYVINCI paint protection films are special protection films that protect paint surfaces in all kinds of vehicles. The possibilities are endless. All car parts such as hoods, door seals, loading edges, bumpers, doors or handholds can be subsequently protected with MAYVINCI paint protection films. The transparent paint protection films  exhibits high gloss. They are suitable for the protection of smooth surfaces on motorcycles, boats, trucks, caravans, airplanes or sports cars. Vehicles are protected from losing its value.

The special surface of these transparent protective films protect against yellowing. There will be no yellowing on the paint. The paint protection is water proof, UV and weather resistant for sure.


Due to their flexibility, the paint protection films are very easy to install on all surfaces, the TPU-variation as well on 3D (curved) surfaces. By request, Mayvinci paint protection films can be removed residue-free. No adhesive residue will remain on the paint. The warranty period is 5 years.

MAYVINCI  paint protection film BODY ARMOR 195: TPU, thickness 200µ, for 2D and 3D curved surfaces


  •  Self-Healing  paint protection films to protect the painted surfaces of vehicles, this special characteristic is demonstrated in our “BODY ARMOR”
  • Extremely scratch resistant surface coating to protect against paint scratches, stone chips and to preserve the value of the vehicles
  • High- performance / glossy / transparent – crystal clear
  • Subsequent installation possible even on complex shapes  (good handling behavior on edges and welds, bumpers and handholds)
  • Also suitable for motorcycles, caravans, airplanes, boats and trucks
  • Up to 1.50 m width for seamless processing
  • 5 year warranty against cracking and blistering

Technical Data Sheet

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