Sun Block™ Ceramic

SUN BLOCK® automotive films are scratch-resistant films that are available in a wide-variety of types and colors, ranging from the elegant to restrained tones.

Technical information

The SUNBLOCK® Ceramic films are built with special Nano-ceramic coating on ultrafine scale the most advanced film on the market. These films have the best heat rejection abilities, outstanding IR shielding as well as they are absolutely neutral for technical signals (such as GPS or mobiles).


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Due to the special manufacturing process, these automotive films of SUN BLOCK® Ceramic series should be used for design-oriented car glass finishing with best efficiency. SUN BLOCK® Ceramic automotive window films are the ideal solution for retrofitting modern and high quality vehicles. The color spectrum is diverse, ranging from deep black to almost transparent.

Depending on the type, the films shield up to 95% infrared rays and a transmittance of visible light up to 70%. The special composition of the films provides reliable heat and UV protection as well as a signal neutral receipt of mobile phones, navigation and other electronic devices. Also, the films are optically rarefied and protect the vehicle against loss of value.


  • high-class automotive films with Nano-ceramic coating
  • optimal heat rejection
  • ceramic films for high heat protection
  • infrared shielding
  • UV absorber
  • SUNBLOCK® ceramic films are neutral for signal transmittance
  • available in many colors

Material properties

SUN BLOCK ® automotive window films have excellent shrinking characteristics combined with optimal adhesion – also in screen printing area. The color authenticity remains even after many years.

Technical Data Sheet

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