Sun Block™ XTREME

MAYVINCI   window films are built for automotive glass enhancement to the highest level using an innovative, multi-layer film design. SUN BLOCK® films are visually rewarding and protect against premature decline in the value of your vehicle while offering protection against UV rays, heat and fading of interiors.

SUN BLOCK® automotive films are scratch-resistant films that are available in a wide-variety of types and colors, ranging from the elegant to restrained tones.

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There are many different functions that can be achieved by applying SUN BLOCK® automotive films to vehicle windows, including sun protection, heat protection, privacy protection, shatter protection, and UV protection, not to mention the optical enhancement of your vehicle.

All SUN BLOCK® films are characterised by their perfect 3D form, scratch-resistant surface and brilliant transparency. The special, high-quality composition of the films means that they are easy to handle and simple to attach to the vehicle.